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It is a highly concentrated acidic cleaner used to remove lime, minerals, deposits, algae and rust especially in heating and cooling systems. It dissolves lime in ionized form. Contains inhibitors that do not damage metal surfaces.

Usage: It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1/10 according to the density of the sediment and lime.

It is an acid-type product that safely removes cement, lime, sediment residues and rust thanks to its special formula. It cleans mortar deposits on metal surfaces without damaging the paint.

Usage: It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1/20 according to the density of the sediment and lime.

It is a heavy oil, grease, tar and wax remover product. Thanks to the emulsion it creates when diluted with water, it clings to vertical surfaces and remains on the surface until oil absorbs dirt. Solves without scrubbing. It does not contain chlorinated solvent, acid or alkali. It does not emit steam.

Usage: It is used by diluting with water at the rate of 1/4.

It is used to remove the first protective wax layer on floors and imported vehicles. It does not damage vehicle paint and floor. It is both a wax and dirt solvent.

Usage: It is used by diluting 1 unit of product with 5 units of hot water.

It is an insulating solvent that is used for cleaning electric motors and parts without disassembling and removing moisture. It is sprayed to contactors and motor windings until all dust, oil, dirt and moisture are removed. It evaporates fast.

Usage: It is applied directly to the surface.

It is a product developed for cleaning mechanical parts and removing oil and dirt from all kinds of sensitive equipment. It also removes wax, asphalt, ink and other residual stains. It does not corrode metal. It cleans without damaging the plastic, rubber and dyestuff.

Usage: It is used pure.

It is an industrial surface cleaner. It removes the oil and fingerprints formed during the assembly phase, especially from metallic and smoked colored surfaces in electronic production facilities. It can be used safely on bakelite and plastic surfaces. It does not require rinsing.

Usage: It is used by diluting with water at a ratio of 1/8.

It is an acidic compound-free cleaner developed for cleaning and polishing aluminum coil radiators and honeycombs. It dissolves oil and dirt layers and aluminum oxide that prevent heat transfer and cause clogging

Usage: It is used by diluting with water in proportions varying between 1/50 and 1/25 unit.

It is effective in cleaning very heavy dirt. It dissolves mineral deposits, silicon residues and rust stains that occur where water accumulates. It is effective in dissolving the residues formed in the boilers and water circuits where silicon water is used.

Usage: It is used by diluting between 1/10 and 1/25.

It is effective on oil, dirt, grease and other stains on the fabric in the textile industry. There are product alternatives depending on the fabric and stain properties applied.

Usage: It is used pure

It is a cleaning product that can be used safely in cleaning electronic circuit boards. It easily cleans the dust and dirt on the cards to be cleaned.

Usage: It is used pure.

It is a non-flammable, non-flammable, degreasing product that does not contain solvent and odor, which can be safely used in the maintenance departments of factories producing food. There are two versions, with and without foam.

Usage: Used by diluting 1/20

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