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EMR CHEMICAL INDUSTRY is producing and selling industrial maintenance chemicals, cleaning products and a wide spread of technical and special purpose chemicals.


EMR CHEMICAL INDUSTRY is offering high-end quality industrial chemicals and concentrated solution-oriented product in a competitive price level based on a strategic solution and supplying partnership with our customers.


EMR CHEMICAL INDUSTRY has developed all its products in its own R&D unit over the years using the highest quality and purity raw materials and produces according to proven scientific principles.


Our basic understanding is to satisfy the consumer by protecting our product and service quality on global level. Our company, which adopts customer-oriented work as a principle and follows the technology by combining its rich experience with its experienced staff, has adopted the principle of customer-oriented operating with its special formulation and production studies.

Our products are all in concentrated consistency liquid and sold on an economic price level.


Our managers and staff, each of whom are experts in their fields, are the most important capital of our company, which aims to offer the best in quality and service.

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