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It is a room perfume that makes every living space smell pleasant. Your clothes will smell good for a long time if they are sprayed on the washed clothes or inside the cupboards. Our room fragrances, which completely change the atmosphere of the place where they are used and add a fresh air to the spaces, are available in many varieties such as lavender, ocean fragrance, spring freshness, flower garden, tropical, mango and citrus fruits. It removes disturbing odors in all indoor environments such as hotels, workplaces, offices, banks, meeting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, houses, holiday villages, factories, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants. It can be used safely in all places. In addition, you can easily distribute the odors that may occur in the vehicle by using this room fragrance.

Usage: It is sprayed into the environment by being pure or diluted according to the desired odor level.

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