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Why should you trust SOLIN and PROSOLIN branded products?

Our guru and mentor who is a Master in Chemical Engineering since 1970 with 50 years of experience, taught us how our products can have a constantly renewed formulation and technology according to actual needs and demands.

All ingredients we are using are selected in accordance with the EU Cosmetics, Cleaning and Care Products Regulations.

All contents are provided by suppliers who are leaders in their fields and provide components at global standards.

Our formulas are created with the most reliable raw material components and are used in all kinds of tested processes.

The accuracy and validity of the formulas have been updated over the years.

All our products are produced according to the principles of International Good Manufacturing Processes.

Our products are constantly updated and improved according to the feedback from consumers.

Our sales of INDUSTRIAL CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE  PRODUCTS for professional and corporate needs are carried out under the brand PROSOLIN.

SOLIN is our brand for personal and individual cleaning and care products, cosmetics and eau de colognes.

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