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It is a concentrated industrial skin cleansing product. It perfectly cleans heavy dirt, oil, soot, soot and various dirt and some paints and inks on hands. It foams less and can be rinsed easily. Contains skin protective and effective moisturizers. It is a very concentrated product.

Usage: It is used by diluting with water in a ratio of 1/5. It becomes denser after dilution.

It is a highly foamy, fragrant, glycerine, economical, easily rinsed, foamy liquid hand washing soap. It protects the natural structure of the skin and softens the skin thanks to the moisturizers it contains. pH: 5.5.

Usage: It is used pure.

It is a specially formulated foam soap with glycerin. While cleansing the skin without drying it with its soft formula, it softens and nourishes the skin with its glycerin. PH: 5.5.

Usage: The product is used with special steel equipment. Hands are rubbed with a little product without heating, and rinsed with water.

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