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It has been formulated to be used in brake, lining, drum, transmission and differential cleaning. It can be applied without removing the brake system. Easily removes brake hydraulic fluid, grease and oil. Deburring is an excellent product for sensitive cleaning during motor collection and repair. It can be used to drain oil and dirt in tight spaces or to remove heavy oil stains on upholstery.

Usage: It is used pure.

It is a foamy car washer. This shampoo has been developed for automobiles and removes dirt and dirt perfectly and renews the shiny surface of your car. It creates a thick rich foam and does not stain.

Usage: 1-2 caps are placed in the bucket depending on the dirtiness of the vehicle.

It is used for external washing of vehicles. It provides perfect cleaning without using brush sponge in vehicle exterior washing cleaning. Thanks to the special polish in the drug, it gives shine to the vehicle and with its water-repellent feature, the vehicle does not hold water and delays the dirt of the vehicle. Since the brush and sponge are not used, it does not cause the paint to wear and keeps it in its original appearance for many years.

Usage: It is used by diluting with water at a ratio of 1/60.

It can be used in all brands and models of vehicles. Cleans and protects vehicle dashboard and interior. Thanks to its antistatic feature, the interior do not hold dust for a long time. It can also be used on leather, plastic and rubber floors.

Usage: It is used pure.

It is a super concentrated basic product that can be used safely on all surfaces where water contact is not a problem. It does the work of many products alone. It leaves a natural shine where it is used.

Usage: It is used by diluting with water in the ratio of 1/5 to 1/10.

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