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As a solution partner of our customers; we research and develop chemical products required for various cleaning, maintenance and in-process needs in factories, workplaces or residences and contribute to the solution of the problem.

It prepares the metal surface for painting and coating by removing rust, oil and grease from the metal surface in one application. It creates a phosphate layer that provides better adhesion of paint and coating to the surface by microscopic abrasion of metal.

Usage: It is used by diluting with water in a ratio of 1/5.

It is a powerful degreaser that cleans dried, tarred oil and grease. It is not flammable.

It is economical.

Usage: It is diluted with water between 1/4 and 1/20 according to the density of dirt and oil.

It is a moisture-proof product used to waterproof vertical walls and facades. It prevents water from infiltrating through micro cracks. It has colorless, non-sticky, long-lasting properties that allow the wall to breathe.

Usage: It is used pure. 1lt of the product covers an average of 5 m2.

It cleans the mortar, lime and concrete wastes after construction easily and perfectly. In addition, it easily cleans mortar, concrete and cement wastes from cement silos, transit mixers, concrete pumps and concrete mixers. It does not damage the applied surface and extends the life of the machines.

Usage: It is used by diluting with water in the ratio of 1/5 according to the thickness of the residues.

It is a mineral oil mixture containing anti-corrosive and antibacterial chemicals and film-forming polymers. Especially after a neutral or acidic cleaning is done on machinery and spare parts or molds obtained in workshop-type workshops, there will be no rusting on the surface for a long time by applying this oil. It quickly forms a homogeneous, thin and permanent oil film on the surface. This oil film prevents the material from rusting under appropriate storage conditions.

Usage: It is used pure.

It is a rust and corrosion preventive product added to circulation water in closed circuit circulation systems, cooling towers or steam boilers. It prevents bacteria formation in machines that process with boron oil. It is economical, it is used by diluting with a high rate of water. It does not require rinsing. It does not contain acidic compounds.

Usage: It is used by diluting between 1/60 and 1/100.

It is a stainless steel / chrome cleaner and polisher. It can be used safely on stainless steel surfaces in the manufacturing industry, hotels and restaurants.

Usage: It is used by diluting 1 unit of product with 5 units of water.

Loosens stuck, rusted bolts, nuts, fasteners, tools and equipments that have been rusted after not being used for a long time and makes them reusable in a very short time. In addition to its loosening properties, it has a cleaning, lubricating and rust preventive feature.

Usage: It is used pure.

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